You know you have crossed the ethics line when …

By Gary S. Cox

You know you have crossed the ethics line when you return to public office in 2009 and rack up over 300 ethics violations and $45,000 in ethics fines, the largest in state history according to the Government Transparency and Finance Commission. You have really crossed the line when the Democrat Commission Chairman says, “I think [with] this level of violation, you don’t belong in office.”

Just this week, Michael Julian Bond was up to his usual dirty tricks. Bond filed a campaign disclosure ( ) that revealed only his total contributions, his total expenditures and total cash-on-hand. The entire form omitted who gave him money and how he spent the money he received. Knowingly filing an inaccurate financial disclosure is the basis for a new ethics violation.

Why would Bond resort to such tactics? Bond accepted money from Jeff Jafari and George Reynolds of The Prad Group, Airport Concessions Group and their cadre of relatives. The Prad Group is the firm recently raided by the FBI. WSB Investigative Reporter Richard Belcher confronted Michael Bond about accepting what could conceivably be tainted campaign cash. Bond publicly promised to return the money. However, since the financial disclosure contained blanks, he avoids the scrutiny of the press that was examining who contributed to his campaign and how those funds were spent. More importantly, Bond still has not returned the campaign cash as promised.

Michael Julian Bond exemplifies the current “culture of corruption” that permeates Atlanta City Hall and the Reed Administration. In a recent WSB poll, transparency in government and corruption was very important to 51% of the people surveyed. It should be important to 100% of Atlanta voters. It is time to vote unethical politicians like Michael Julian Bond out of office on November 7th. Remember, early voting starts Monday, October 16th. Monday is your first chance to say “No” to corruption at Atlanta City Hall.


  1. Burroughston Broch says:

    I am not a City voter but, if I were, I would vote against every incumbent. They are all dirty, and that applies to alumni like Aman.