vote2As those of you who have not yet voted prepare to cast your ballot on Tuesday, let’s imagine our future.

Imagine a world where the President of the United States routinely stops his press conferences to shout at reporters, call a group of Americans demeaning names or encourages physical attacks on peaceful demonstrators. Well, if that seems impossible, then you have missed much of the last 18 months of political campaigning by GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He specializes in calling his opponent a liar and using hateful, evil speech to attack anyone who disagrees with him which isn’t hard to do since he offers few facts and little vision for the issues affecting our increasingly diverse, complex country.

We are diverse in opinion, experience, education, career, ethnicity, race, religion, and so many other ways. The best of our history has recognized our diversity as a strength. Most of us want an America where children are taught to love whom they want, achieve their dreams and use their talents to improve their world, their families and their communities. Most of us pay our fair share in taxes and sweat equity to support a strong country. Not dear old Donald Trump. He  avoids paying taxes, spouts hatred, meanness, lies, hyperbole and misinformation. His retort “believe me” is hollow and meaningless because believing him would mean you have to ignore the facts and forget the value of fairness, data or statesmanship.

Can Donald Trump be elected President? Yes.

Will America and many Americans suffer for such a foolish choice, if he is elected? A resounding Yes.

Only registered voters can stop Donald Trump’s climb to political power.

VOTE or DIE was an effective slogan to arouse voters in 2008. This is a VOTE or DIE moment. VOTE and be sure your friends and family vote too. It is time to reclaim our democracy from the mockery Donald Trump has made of it.


  1. Dump Trump! I voted early!

  2. Burroughston Broch says:

    Trump is crass and unconstrained by traditional politics. Clinton is a traitor, is a sitting duck for future indictment, and is monumentally corrupt.
    I like the Wall Street Journal’s summary, “The choice comes down to the very high if relatively predictable costs of four more years of brute progressive government under Hillary Clinton versus a gamble on the political unknown of Donald Trump.”
    This country cannot stand four more years of Obama-style government. With Clinton there will be no change, while there is a chance of change with Trump.
    I voted for change and Trump.

  3. Well, Donald Trump is the President elect. Hopefully he will lead with intelligence, honesty and compassion.

  4. Burroughston Broch says:

    Clinton is in large part responsible for her failure. The disclosure of her lies, deceit, greed, corruption, and disdain for some of her most faithful supporters disgusted many voters.
    She is hoist on her own petard.