Tribute to Cabral: March 26, 1974 – September 15, 2015

Cabral Franklin March 26, 1974-September 15, 2015

Cabral Franklin
March 26, 1974-September 15, 2015

When we launched this blog in 2011, we collectively shared a politically progressive ideology and found a voice in sharing our views. Our editorial meetings were filled with robust debate and laughter. On far too many occasions Cabral pulled his mom and I off the proverbial political cliff. He was a sound and critical thinker who always knew more than he shared, but was careful to share exactly what he needed to.

There wasn’t a poll or interpretation of a poll that we did not rely on his expertise and insight. Many have called him a numbers man and he was; but he also translated what those numbers meant for everyday people. He will be greatly missed for his intellect, his judgment and his vision. Thank you for being you and I know that your soul is at rest and at peace.

We are sharing a few of his favorite blogs in his honor.  It’s the Message Stupid and No Alternative-Joe Paterno Should Be Fired. Rest well my brother.





  1. Anana Evans says:

    Rest in Love … We miss you.

  2. Giving honor to God and Mayor Shirley Franklin and her Family. My condolences and prayers goes out to you all. Thank you.