Has America Gone Mad?

This video suggests that some adults – those who use excessive force and inflammatory language AND those who stand by and watch have gone mad, are hurtful and mean and a danger to civil society. Judge for yourself and then decide to get engaged in the movement to reform public safety rules, training and monitoring in your town or city. It seems as if this can happen anywhere and there is increasing evidence it does. What are our children- black, brown and white to think of us if we continue to sit in silence and do nothing



  1. Alfreda says:

    Personally, the communities need to spend time with the youth and invest in them. As the video suggests, no adult came and said, “I am the one who let these kids in the pool area.” There are many adults standing around and no, not one said anything to speak the truth or to say this is wrong. Many people have took to social media voiceless because all some want to do is march and protest. Changing laws and making things better for the community has to do with action, rather than a computer post. When asked how many people actually volunteer in the community or assist with youth, I have yet to hear from anyone who provoke the truth. No one really want to deal with the youth of today, but obviously, they need to be guided. I do not agree with anything that happened in the video or the language, but I still say there needs to be adult supervision.

    Currently, I am starting an NFL program where we focus on our youth. I hope communities do the same in finding productive things for our youth. There is nothing wrong with pool parities or parties in general, but these are kids and they need supervision. With the rise of cell phones, no parents showed up as far as I can see and no adults came out to speak up or even say what happened. It shows that yes, some people are voiceless and still think marching is the cure for all things, but training and spending time with the kids is the key.

  2. Shirley says:

    Agree. According to other media reports there were adults involved. One might have provoked the discord. Even so I agree we must do more than monitor and demand fair treatment from law enforcement. We have to work on more than one front and working with youth and listening to them is needed.

  3. Alfreda says:

    Right, we need more positive parental and community involvement in the schools and community.