Georgia Children Deserve Better

brainheroFor all of those who want a better world, I strongly suggest watching the video in this post.

The video is a collaboration between the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and Interactive Media Division of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. The video is an innovative animated look at the crossroad of policy and parenting to support healthy brain development during early childhood.

There is is a straight line and direct relationship between the success of children and the experiences they have early in their lives- as early as the first few minutes. We need to stop the silliness and get on with expanding educational and cultural opportunities for every child starting as young as just a few days and even a few hours old. Georgia should expand early education funding to all 6-week old children and older, wrap around services as needed by every child who is struggling in school and who needs additional medical and mental health. I think every student could graduate from high school if he/she received small group and individual tutoring and counseling and programmatic support. As this video illustrates there is evidence that for many children their behavior or misbehavior indicates some failure by adults in his/her life. Georgia should declare War on the Failure of Children and by doing so almost guarantee the health of the state and its economy for the next five decades. There is more evidence of what works than we admit and far more solutions than we fund.

Join me and Blogging While Blue to put the pressure on the State House, the Gold Dome, City Halls and County Court Houses to make true the American Dream in Georgia for every single child in our midst.


  1. Beverly Fraud says:

    They certainly deserved a mayor who had the courage and integrity to call for the resignation of a school superintendent who was destroying the educational futures of poor and minority children by creating a corporate culture of cheating.

    Unfortunately they got a mayor who defended the education charlatan responsible to the bitter end.

    Wonder what Dr. King would have done if he were confronted with the same moral dilemma; stand for the children, or stand for “brand Atlanta” and the business community instead?