Georgia’s Unemployment Rate is Too High–Period.

georg45This campaign season has highlighted a lot of reasons to get to the polls but none is more significant than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that lists Georgia as once again with the highest unemployment rate in the country. Georgia’s unemployment rate of 7.9 percent is a full two points higher than the national average, and Georgia lost more than 15,000 private sector jobs in September. This is not a partisan or political issue; it is a grave economic reality for Georgians.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” said Sen. Jason Carter. “Gov. Deal has driven Georgia to the very bottom. By his own words, he’s rejecting facts instead of accepting responsibility for this crisis. If he can’t even see the problem, why should we trust him to fix it?”

Since Governor Deal was elected unemployment in Georgia has been high so whatever he has been doing it is not working. It is well past the time for us to get our heads out of the sand.

Gov. Deal has been reported as having said, “I believe that somebody who has a job is better than somebody who doesn’t have a job.” I would argue that is especially false for the job of Governor of Georgia.



  1. You can see how Georgia’s unemployment rate has changed under recent presidents here-

    The short answer- every Democratic president has blown the doors off of every Republican.

    • Burroughston Broch says:

      From this very simplistic view, I agree. The graph presents only the change in unemployment rate – unemployment rate at end of office minus unemployment rate at beginning of office. It ignores completely what happens while in office. If you took at face value what this website offers, Jimmy Carter was a great economic success as President – which he was not.
      You could just as easily look at average unemployment rate – not so attractive towards Democrats:
      Ford 7%, Carter 6%, Reagan 5.7%, Bush 41 5.9%, Clinton 5%, Bush 43 6%, Obama 8.1% to date. If you calculated the Obama average another way it gets even uglier.