Maybe this headline says it all, “Georgia Unveils New Slogan-We Make Florida Look Safe”

EsquireMagGeorgia is in the national headlines again as a result of Governor Deal’s signature on a bill yesterday that allows Georgians with permits to pack their guns into schools, bars, churches, sections of airports and even government buildings.

The new “guns everywhere” law is more of the same from a state administration that is refusing to expand Medicaid, wants to drug test welfare recipients, suppress voter turnout, and cut mental health services. However, there is no question those who value their guns are a key constituent of the Governor during this election year.

For those of us in Georgia who are amazed and horrified by the law, we can only wonder what the long-term impact of this kind of careless legislation will have on our communities. The national media headlines reflect the frustration and outrage that many of us also feel. SMH,0,4166766.story#axzz2zpZmL68m





  1. Beverly Fraud says:

    Well of course we should also be horrified and outraged at judicial overreach in Georgia as well, specifically the ongoing vendetta against Beverly Hall. To fight such a grave injustice against such a most honorable person, a legal defense fund has been established to support Dr. Hall in the ongoing fight against her malicious prosecution.

    With such outstanding trustees such as Arnett W. Mumford, III it seems a natural that Shirley Franklin would want to voice support of such a fund, as well as join the overwhelming number of voices speaking out against this egregious overreach of the criminal justice system, namely the prosecution of Beverly Hall.

    It’s simply an outrage that, merely because 2 dozen educators have plead guilty and the former APS HR head has given a statement that the superintendent personally ordered documents destroy, that these out for blood prosecutors have somehow determined that Beverly Hall actually had something to do with this.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Beverly Fraud says:

    I must say it is disappointing that others have not heeded the clarion call to contribute to Beverly Hall’s legal defense fund; link provided in the previous response.

    The notion that since well over a dozen people have plead guilty, that somehow, someway Beverly Hall knew about the cheating is of course preposterous.

    Just a preposterous is the assumption that Millicent Few’s testimony (where she has indicated Beverly Hall ordered her to destroy documents) somehow, someway casts a negative light on Beverly Hall.

    Simply put, it’s judicial overreach by Paul Howard, and one would hope a stalwart like Shirley Franklin would already be here promoting Beverly Hall’s legal defense fund.

    The children of APS deserve no less than to have their former stalwart leader be given the best defense money can buy.