Maynard H. Jackson: Setting the Record Straight – Cecelia Corbin Hunter

As we celebrate the 76th birthday of Maynard Holbrook Jackson we are reminded of his many accomplishments, those he mentored and his love of the city of Atlanta. The video below is another in the video series capturing some of the stories of his most faithful and loyal supporters.

There are hundreds of stories to tell about Atlanta’s first African American mayor. It is my hope this series will serve as the basis for others to tell their stories.  Each person was asked to describe their relationship with Jackson, to reflect on the lessons they learned from him and to offer their perspective on his legacy. To many people, the lessons learned have not been forgotten and have guided them in their professional decisions today. Many women are part of this video series because Jackson brought more women to leadership positions than any of his predecessors.

This is just a small segment of the Cecelia Corbin Hunter interview. She served on Jackson’s team during all three terms and shares her story of Jackson’s impact on her professional career and his high standard of expectation.

Maynard H. Jackson: Setting the Record Straight

Shortly after leaving the Mayor’s Office in 2010, I began collecting stories of friends and colleagues of Maynard H. Jackson to begin to fill the void of firsthand accounts of his service to Atlanta as mayor. The interview series consists of nearly 16 hours of personal interviews from 22 subjects. Maynard touched the lives of many Atlantans. This series of interviews, Maynard H. Jackson: Setting the Record Straight, is yet another glimpse of the man and the politician.



    ATLANTA, GA- Former Athens State Representative Keith G. Heard, Candidate for GA Commissioner of Insurance joins the Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals’ Spring Mixer, Tuesday, April 1st @ 6:00pm @White Oak Kitchen, 270 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

    Heard served in the Georgia House of Representatives for Athens from 1993 through 2012. During 20 years of service under the Gold Dome, Heard served as a Ranking Member of the Appropriation Committee, a Ranking Member of the Insurance Committee, Chairman of the Intra-governmental Committee, Member of Ways & Means- Chairman of the Income Tax Sub-Committee, Member of the Budget Committee (Green-Door), Member of Health & Human Services Committee, Member of Industry Committee and other Adhoc and Study Committees.

    Heard has 35 years of experience in the insurance industry. In 1979 Heard began his career with Allstate Insurance Company attaining Senior Account Agent status, and later as owner of the Keith G. Heard Allstate Insurance Agency. In 2000 Heard became an Independent Insurance Associate with AFLAC. Heard is a highly capable and qualified candidate. He is the only candidate in the race who is a licensed Insurance Agent. Voters in our state must not pass on this extraordinary opportunity to vote for someone with Heard’s knowledge of the insurance industry, legislative experience, civic service background and commitment to our state.

    Heard’s main interest in being Insurance Commissioner is driven by a sincere desire to serve the greater good for all Georgians. Heard believes “An insured Georgia is a healthy Georgia and a healthy Georgia is a prosperous Georgia.“ As a household expenditure, insurance of all kinds – health, life, auto, homeowners, etc.– is a significant portion of every family’s budget. Now is the time that we put Georgians first.

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    And Let your voice be Keith G. Heard!

  2. derek alphran says:

    Great interview!! Par excellence! II wish we could see clips from the i968 Senate campaign. I attended voting rights seminar today and reminded people of Maynard’s role in creating the Voting Rights Institute of Democratic party. He had run for chair of the Democratic Party and loss to Terry McAuliffe. The New York Times had endorsed Maynard;s campaign for DNC Chair, emphasizing a return to the grassroots.!!. Years later, Senator Obama started a grassroots campaign with Yes We Can and captured the Democratic primary. Maynard’s vision of restoring the party to its roots.!

  3. Maynard Eaton says:

    When will this powerful and provocative documentary series of interviews be aired and/or presented? It needs to be seen and appreciated by Atlantans and Americans. Maynard Jackson was the most fascinating figure I have ever interviewed or reported on in my 40 year career as a journalist! I was proud to be asked to participate in this premier production.

  4. Kelvin McClinton says:

    Derek, do you know where one could see clips from the 1968 Senate campaign? I would be very interested in seeing those clips. I think very few
    people have seen those.