Don’t Believe the Hype

PE-dontbelieveGeorgia Democrats have a lot at stake in November. The changing demographics of Georgia voters have local and national politicos abuzz about Georgia. Democrats are looking to expand their footprint and many think the first step to making Georgia a targeted state in the 2016 Presidential election is a strong showing among statewide democratic candidates this year. Thankfully, Democrats have fielded their strongest slate of statewide candidates in recent memory.

Qualifying ends tomorrow for candidates seeking office this year and the campaigning should begin in earnest. There will be many advisors who will tell Georgia candidates to run away from the national democratic talking points – expanding healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and women’s rights. Don’t follow their advice.

Don’t make the common mistake of trying to convince the voters that won’t vote for you to vote for you. Spend your time, energy, and money talking to voters who will vote for you. Talk to them about issues that are likely to appeal to them.

Expanding healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and protecting women’s rights are no-brainers for democratic voters and all three issues will likely appeal to independent voters in Georgia. Our Republican friends will try and make these issues evil. They will try to make voters believe that these issues are part of a fictitious national scheme to raise taxes and take away their rights.

All three of these platform points will appeal to the average voter. Women’s rights was a major platform of President Obama’s historic 2012 presidential victory. The President racked up huge margins in swing states among women. Regarding healthcare, every poll on the issue reveals that Georgians are in favor of expanding Medicaid to insure the uninsured. And raising the minimum wage is part of the populist message that succeeded in several contested elections last year.

Georgia Democrats can win this November, but we must appeal to the everyday voters. We can’t let Republicans hijack our message and trick the majority of voters to vote against their self-interests.

Candidates – Don’t believe the hype.

Voters want healthcare. They need the minimum wage raised. And women want to control their bodies. Do not run away from these messages, run toward them.


  1. Burroughston Broch says:

    The Congressional and Senatorial races will focus on national security, not the issues you suggest.
    How can Democrats campaign for increased national security, given the wimpy response from President Obama’s administration?

  2. Absolutely! Democrats do — and should — have different priorities from Republicans. Give those of us who support healthcare, women’s rights, sustainability, and green jobs a viable option. I’m not interested in “Republican light.”