There’s a Train that’s Coming

dailykos“People get ready/there’s a train a coming…/ picking up passengers/ from coast to coast/ faith is the key/open the doors and board them/ there’s room for all/among the loved the most”

Curtis Mayfield wrote those lyrics and recorded that hit with the Impressions in 1965 and the song endures to this day as a rallying call in politics and community organizing. The spirit of the song resonates as America explodes in recognition of our cultural diversity. In 2013 the urgency to come together and work toward a better day, to a better world still exists. There is no place for hatred and meanness in the world or in politics. Looking at the election results tonight, all around the country we can see signs of readiness, for such a ” train” that welcomes all as passengers, a “train” that looks forward and leaves divisiveness and quarrels behind. New York City mayor elect Bill de Blasio’s election offers a sign of a fast- moving “train” travelling across divides and differences.

His election is a sign that people are ready for a train where people chose love by the depth of their love instead of its color. Voters are willing to support candidates who present their principles and values rather than mere paint-by-number candidates. Bill de Blasio’s win opens the doors of a train where passengers are ready for authentic leaders. People get ready. “There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner, who would hurt all mankind just to save his own. People get ready, there’s a train that’s coming.”