JFK Anniversary: A Time for Reflection and Action

50 years ago the assassination of President Kennedy stunned the world and hurled the nation into mourning. Families grieved together with parents trying to JFKexplain how and why such a horrific act could happen. Footage and remembrances of the day and the following days are flooding the media during this 50th anniversary. Watching the video from that day is stunning viewers again. What appears to start as a beautiful day in Dallas is shattered by the insanity of violence, a single bullet, splattered blood and the death of a President and wounded Texas Governor Conley. While millions of grief stricken Americans were devastated our grief only scratched the surface of the grief of the Kennedy family, the loss of a father, son, brother, uncle and husband. We had all come to know the Kennedy family during his presidential campaign through television.

On November 22,1963 in Dealey Plaza within seconds the world as we knew it was destroyed by a mad and crazed gunman. We didn’t know what it would take to restore our optimism. Kennedy’s televised campaign and dozens of televised presidential news conferences gave the public unique access to knowing the president and his family. With one act Americans young and old were brought face to face with the violence that has ravaged our national history from its beginning. As we mourn our loss of President Kennedy and remember the heartbreaking images of his family and closest associates let us use this time of reflection to find ways to rid our cities, families, schools, neighborhoods and lives of violence and threatening, hateful behavior in every form. This is what we can do for our country. It is long overdue. We can no longer accept race, gender, differences and hatred to be a reason or excuse for violence. Let us not relive the tragedy of President Kennedy’s loss and return to violence as usual tomorrow, next week or next month.

Several nonviolent links are provided—act today!