Race and More in Politics

There is no question that diversity plays an important role in political outcomes and policies. While we may be watching what happens in upcominstromfrontorgg Atlanta elections there are national campaigns across the country worth observing as well.

In the New York City mayoral race, Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio leads Republican Joe Lhota in the polls and he could become the first Democratic mayor in 20 years. Despite De Blasio’s political career, which included working in the former New York City mayor David Dinkins administration, serving as HUD regional director under president Bill Clinton and as a New York City councilman, his family and race became a frequent sidebar of his campaign. His African American wife who was a self-proclaimed lesbian and his 15-year old son Dante’s huge Afro became symbols of genuine modern day diversity. The mayoral race in Houston has garnered national attention as incumbent mayor Annise Parker the first lesbian mayor of Houston seeks a third and final term against key challenger successful African American businessman and former city attorney Ben Hall

This real life diversity in politics is not just ethnic but ideological alliances are also forming around issues like the stop-and-frisk policy, the economy, immigration, and digital privacy. The possible partnership between New Jersey Senator elect Cory Booker and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul on drug policy reform to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences is a collaboration that could make a significant policy impact that extends well beyond politics.

Our collective commitment to promoting tolerance will require us to assess our personal views and beliefs and I think that is the real challenge of promoting diversity and tolerance in America.



  1. Burroughston Broch says:

    Indeed, politics makes strange bedfellows.