Poll Highlights Partisan Political Gaps

wwgp1050An ABC News-Fusion poll released yesterday found gaps among those it polled on diversity in politics and women in the workplace among its findings.

The poll found that:

·     Among all adults, 53 percent said they think women have fewer opportunities than men in the workplace, from 68 percent of Democrats to 38 percent of Republicans.

·     41 percent think non-whites have fewer opportunities than whites in society, from a high of 62 percent among liberal Democrats to 25 percent among Republicans.

·     Thirty-nine percent of adults say they trust the government in Washington to do what’s right while six in 10 say they don’t.

While the findings may not be necessarily new revelations it highlights the partisan gap in public attitudes involving gender, race, religion and politics in America. The poll parallels another recent CNN survey that found a majority of respondents think thatRepublicans’ policies are too extreme and that ideology may very well be the reason for the 8-point advantage that Democrats have over Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections  Of course the 2014 midterm elections are a ways off and this is just an indicator of possible results but the 16-day federal government shutdown didn’t help congressional Republicans if you believe the polls and pundits. Only the 2014 elections will prove if the pollsters are correct but clearly Americans are growing increasingly less tolerant of policies that do not embrace the diversity of all of its citizens.