Oh the Places You’ll Go!!! In Honor of Senator Cruz

Yes some placDrSeusses are safe, definitely among the safest cities in the country – Austin and New York. Others are grounded in smart city planning and embrace innovation like Portland and Seattle. Some are forward looking and optimistic, Greenville, SC among the best. Some have learned from past mistakes and seized the new day to never ever repeat the mistakes of the past. Try Nuremberg for lessons in human rights.

Sadly not all places understand lessons unlearned repeat generation after generation. Facing the lessons of the past is essential to building a community sustainable for the future. For instance, if Georgia and Atlanta don’t face the lessons of unsuccessful attempts to create great schools then chances are we won’t have great schools for most school-aged children. Or if we don’t understand Ivan Allen’s courage to stand up for civil rights legislation or Robert Woodruff’s courage to celebrate the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. rather than succumb to supporting the prevailing business opinion of the day, then we will fall further behind in developing as an emerging global city of excellence. If we allow missteps in ethics to be a sidebar conversation and honesty to be compromised in our public and private sector leadership we will not gain or maintain the public trust needed to tackle tough 21st century issues. Everyone suffers when we sweep evidence of wrongdoing, lying, cheating and dishonesty under the rug because weak ethical standards, low aspirations and acceptance of less than the best in word and deed undermine the fabric of our communities. People lose faith, lose hope and lose trust in their leadership.

The places we want to go require more than getting along because it is easier or because it is too unpleasant to disclose our weaknesses or to embarrass someone.

The Committee for Better Atlanta ranks candidates and as a footnote mentions candidates’ ethics isn’t considered. Really? Nothing else matters in my book. Ethical behavior and honesty are the first requirements to a healthy democracy.