Together we stand and divided……..we lose

There are 413 days, 13.5 months and 59 weeks until Election Day in Georgia. The political trends Twit-Facebooksuggest that if we can’t win together, we will definitely lose together. The recent recall votes in Colorado, the defeat of the presumed front-runners in the New York Democratic mayoral primary should be a sign to those of us in Georgia.

Perhaps it is time for Georgia Democrats and our sisters and brothers in other “red” states to face the music. Divided we lose. Disorganized we lose. Apologetic for our progressive platform we lose. Disingenuous we lose. Old school politics of the leaders dictating positions, strategies and arrogance we lose.

Now is the time to pull together, to debate with fervor but without angst and malice, to broaden the tent for many newcomers and new ideas, to sharpen our campaign skills, to be truth tellers, to target new voters and to welcome our regulars….. To offer a message of unity that mirrors our behavior and our plans.

City of Atlanta

Atlanta General Election November 5, 2013 

General Run-off Election  December 4, 2013.

Georgia Statewide

Primary: Tuesday 20 May 2014

Primary Runoff: Tuesday 5 August 2014

General Election: Tuesday 4 November 2014

General Election Runoff: Tuesday 6 January 2015


  1. Talking Points 4U says:

    This premise of unity of GA Democrats is great! Too bad GA Democrats haven’t grasped this concept of unity. With elected officials thinking the elected position they hold today is theirs forever–never moves us forward. New ideas and new strategies come with new candidates. However, that doesn’t mean new candidates who resurrect themselves as candidates with no dues paying is absurd.
    Candidates, who think we have been waiting for them, when they haven’t demonstrated any leadership in any capacity. Candidates, who can’t raise any money not even from their own family–but think they should get my check is absurd. Candidates, who can’t even articulate why they are running for an elected position or can’t tell you what are the issues related to the very district they are hoping to represent.

    GA Dems should take the time to mentor and train new candidates. It’s not enough that political operatives and consultants try their very best to advise and train. Where are the erstwhile GA Democrats that took their marbles and went home never looking back or mentoring our bright stars of the future.

    I am calling out all the GA Democrats that served with commitment, dignity and honor to help unite, train and mentor to those who wish to serve today. If they don’t–we have a more challenging road ahead for Georgia Democrats to unite.

  2. Agree. We need a plan and we need to execute the plan with the party regulars, old timers and newcomers.