Does Ohio Know Something Georgia Should Know?

BWBOhioRepublican Governor John Kasich of Ohio used to chair the House of Representatives Budget Committee.  He is widely known as a fiscal conservative.  As he unveiled his budget last week, Ohio became the fifth Republican state to support President Obama’s plan to expand Medicaid. Kasich made it clear that while he was not a fan of Obamacare, his decision made practical, fiscal sense for Ohio. He can apparently see the advantages of expanding the program and saving Ohio millions of dollars.

Now what does this say about Georgia not accepting the expansion?  I’d say it means we are leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table.  If Medicaid expansion is good enough for Kasich in Ohio, shouldn’t it be good enough for Deal in Georgia?

On key areas of state policy Georgia lags behind and on Medicaid and job creation efforts are lethargic at best.  What is even equally amazing is the deafening silence in this urgent policy debate.

How are we doing? Well, we are failing in these areas:

1) Cradle to Career Education.  Not only are we cutting instead of increasing per capita funding but we are spending ineffectively. Our Race to the Top education program is floundering and being criticized by the federal government.

2) Infrastructure Investment.  We are under investing in roads, bridges and transit and the Governor hasn’t been able to rally the public to support an investment initiative.  The chatter during the TSPLOST campaign last summer about there not being a plan B appear to be true.

3) Affordable healthcare.  We are leaving hundreds of millions of federal dollars on the table for political reasons, which will drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone else. Those who have healthcare coverage aren’t complaining while those in need suffer and use emergency services for routine care.

So, come on down to Georgia…we have one of the lowest performing education systems in the country, crumbling roads and bridges and an expensive healthcare system. We entered the 21st century as a state with a bright future… now we are no longer leading the parade to economic health and recovery instead we are standing on the sidelines.



  1. I think that what Ohio knows that Georgia doesn’t is how to apply pressure to an elected official. I’m sure there are a few more liberals closer to Atlanta, but I just don’t see Georgia Democrats making their voices heard anywhere.

    When Saxby Chambliss announced his intention not to run for re-election, I heard all about who the Republicans might run. I’ve yet to hear *any* names from the Dems.

    Yet, President Obama got 47% of the vote in 2008, and 45% in 2012 without even campaigning here. Those numbers should be used to apply some pressure to a party that obviously feels they own this state and always will. Well, guess what? Demographics are against them, and it’s high time Georgia Democrats band together and start screaming that from every rooftop!

    Make them sweat a little.

    • Robert Stork says:

      Hear hear

    • Burroughston Broch says:

      “Those numbers should be used to apply some pressure to a party that obviously feels they own this state and always will.”
      Numbers like that were used to humble the state democratic party that felt it would always own this state since it had been in control for 130 years. That was about 10 years ago – have you forgotten?
      The state democratic party cannot win statewide without viable statewide candidates, a viable platform that speaks to Georgians instead of mouthing Washington’s mantra, and the financial wherewithal to support candidates. It has none of this at present. Screaming from rooftops will be fruitless.

      • I haven’t forgotten, I wasn’t here. I’m a So. California native and therefore used to a Democratic Party that doesn’t just lie down like a whipped cur.

        My point is that if there are enough voters willing to vote Democratic to make statewide numbers of 45%-47%, it’s time for the Democratic Party to come out of the wilderness, find themselves a platform and some candidates and start raising money.

        • Burroughston Broch says:

          Wishing the Georgia democratic party would do something and it actually doing anything of value are two different things. If wishes were horses, then beggars might ride.
          You should better focus closer to home. Businesses and high rate taxpayers continue to desert CA in droves, but your Governor Moonbeam has proclaimed your budget crisis over. It is not over as long as Orange County continues to award lifeguards retiring at age 51 with $100,000/year pensions.

          • 1) Georgia is my home now, but unlike a Republican, I’m able to walk down the street and chew gum at the same time. It’s not much of a trick to be able to keep tabs on what’s happening in 2 states.

            2) Jerry Brown is at least 10X the governor Nathan Deal could even aspire to. Jerry actually *cares* about the state and the people he governs and he’s accomplished just short of a miracle in California.

            3) My grandmother used to use the phrase about wishes and beggars. She had another one she used which is more appropriate: “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas”. I steer clear of Republicans for just that reason. I’m not partial to getting infested with vermin, and I also don’t like fleas!

    • Georgia has an idiot for Governor who would rather build a new stadium for his billionaire buddies than take care of the health needs of our children. Ohio has a Governor who understands the benefits of having healthy children.

  2. So I guess I shouldn’t be looking at moving to Georgia from Boston then……

  3. Burroughston Broch says:

    @ KDRose
    1) You were astute to leave CA. I see plenty of democrats, republicans, libertarians, and others who can’t even perform one task.
    2) Jerry “cares” and is all about “fairness”. That’s what every politician says as he is picking your pocket. CA’s budget problems aren’t over just because Jerry says they are.
    3) I agree with your grandmother and steer clear of all of the political parties.Fleas are not the only undesirable things you could pick up.

  4. Thanks KDRose for your insightful assessment.