Women Are Key to Obama and Democrats Success

A few days ago the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a story about eligible Georgia voters. According to the article and the report cited, registered African American males vote the least among all voters. That assertion has been rumored in political circles for years and has been accepted as fact in numerous campaigns.

As the campaign race tightens and it gets closer to Election Day, one looming question seems to be, “What about women voters?” Not merely an afterthought or one issue demographic group, women are not just interested in a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, but the economy, the rising cost of education and social security. Campaigns are making targeted appeals to women, whether it ads or the candidate’s wife hosting a national morning talk show—it is clear from overt and subtle overtures that women are key in this election.

In 14 state polls conducted across 8 swing states since October 4, President Obama leads among women in every single one. President Obama has a double-digit among women lead in 10 of these polls, including several surveys where the overall horserace is close or the President is behind. On average, President Obama leads among women by 10.3 points and overall by 2.3 points. While those numbers might be encouraging today, they could easily dwindle. So maybe it is time to check ourselves and Democratic campaigns to focus our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts on all women voters to make the case for Obamacare, bringing our troops home, fair treatment of immigrants and the LGBT community, investment in education and a woman’s right to choose.

With just three weeks until Election Day let’s work to get our surest vote out.