Obama wins debate. Now let’s win the election


Americans want a decisive, thoughtful leader who isn’t a puppet or whose position doesn’t change as part of his election strategy or debate preparation. It isn’t good enough to simply agree with the President just to avoid a discussion on foreign policy or any other issue. It isn’t enough to look Presidential….our country needs proven leadership at home and abroad.

Governor Romney didn’t fall flat on his face and some commentators and pundits concluded that was shrewd. Governor Romney doesn’t have any ideas on foreign policy that President Obama hasn’t already done or is working on. President Obama was substantive on policy topics and to paraphrase Reverend Al Sharpton, “Romney wants to provide American foreign aid for education and democracy….while cutting domestic programs and supporting voter suppression in the United States. ”

Throughout the entire debate it seemed as if Governor Romney was more committed to reciting his talking points instead of relating to the American public. At one point, as he has often repeated, Romney again wants to spend more money on the military than it has asked for, President Obama answered, “You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets.”

Romney may have been hoping to win the election through televised debates but last night’s debate clearly showed a Romney who is not ready to be the leader of the free world. No matter how many different ways he reads the talking points. President Obama said it best, “Governor you keep trying to airbrush the facts.”

Whether it is foreign policy, immigration policy, education or a woman’s right to make her own health care choices, Governor Romney the facts matter and the American people deserve a president who understands that. Obama won the debate. Now let’s go win the election.

Here’s what others thought about last night’s debate.

John King: “There’s no question debate coaches would score this one for the president.”

Joe Trippi: “I just want to call this debate the big hug, because I think that’s what Romney was doing. He decided he was going to hug Obama on policy after policy, not disagree with him.”

Chuck Todd: “I was surprised at how meek at times Mitt Romney was.”

Norah O’Donnell: “He repeatedly said that the President was right on issues, that he concurred with him on a number of issues. In fact, it was President Obama who said that Romney was having a hard time differentiating himself.”

Martha Raddatz: “President Obama humanized what he was talking about. He talked a lot about the troops. He talked about the survivors from 9/11. He talked about the people in Israel. So if, in fact, he was going towards the female vote, he probably got their attention with that sort of approach.”

ABC Fact Check: “One was when Mitt Romney repeated what he said before, that the President went on an apology tour when he became president. We’ve looked at all those speeches on those foreign trips. The President didn’t apologize for America.”

Howard Fineman: “The Obama people insist – and I think with some good reason – that Mitt Romney was just flat-out lying, not to put too fine a point on it, on the question of whether he, Mitt Romney, was willing to support direct federal help, the kind of help the President put forth, for the auto industry.”

David Gergen: “I do think that the Democrats and President Obama have a legitimate argument. The guy who came into these debates was not the candidate we saw in the primaries. We go back to the etch-a-sketch.”


  1. Romney WINS HANDS DOWN. All this President can do is BASH Romney , Why can’t he talk about his RECORD… they talk about how many jobs have been created since he became President, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT they FAIL to talk about how many were LOST in the same amount of time which brings us BACK to 7.8% un employment, the same number it was when he took Office.. Oh that’s right its BUSH’S FAULT…

    • all he did was attack he never laid out his plans and even if he had he couldn’t be trusted. Romney will win

    • Robert E Michel says:

      Romney did not have one idea, one policy, or one plan. thats why he kept agreeing with the president. Not fit for the office.

    • FloridaSMOKIN says:

      What debate were you watching and what were you smoking when you were watching it? I mean seriously?

  2. Faith Pewitt says:

    What were all those mean stares Obama was giving Romney? He knows he hasn’t kept his promises that he made before the 2004 election. Not only will Obama not talk about his record, he won’t talk about why he registered at two colleges as a foreign exchange student. There is just something wrong with this guy, Obama.

  3. OMG=Obama Must Go! Get out and get away from America. Obama is not for America and has even proven it! He is a coward and does not deserve the right to even be called The President of The United States of America. He has always down graded this nation. Why would anyone trust him?