“All that Glitters Is Not Gold”

As pundits and insiders offer their debate analysis on last night’s highlights and some tout Romney’s delivery, let’s focus on what he said.

No matter how much authority he presented, no matter his debate style, he can’t change the facts no matter how aggressively he delivers them.

The facts remain the same.

  •  Romney is confused about who works in America and how to put the unemployed back to work, which is evident in his previous comments that 47% of Americans are victims who don’t pay taxes.
  • He didn’t offer details about his plans to reduce the deficit although he attacked the President for his deficit reduction plan while admitting that he didn’t endorse the Bowles-Simpson plan.
  • He offered states rights as a viable solution for voters when evidence reflects that states have vastly different views than voters and in some cases dangerously ignore the need for investment in education, mental health, fair immigration policy, healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured and a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Georgia is just one example of the flaws in that political rationale.
  • Romney said he has a plan for increasing jobs but didn’t share details nor does his experience in business or as governor demonstrate he can present any evidence of his success. One commentator’s comments ring true ” Romney served up ‘fudge ice cream sundae’ where no one pays as a deficit reduction plan” PBS
  • Romney bragged about the success that Massachusetts has seen in education, but let’s untangled that web right now. The evidence clearly shows that those measures were in place before he was governor.  And while Massachusetts continues to have a successful education record Romney now opposes spending more on education.

“All that glitters is not gold”. Last night one candidate presented his record, his position and his plans to the American people.  The other one ran away from his record, tweaked his positions, omitted details about his plans and asked voters to forget his record.

When judging a man or woman, judge them by their words AND their deeds—–to do otherwise is a dangerous risk to take.


  1. Martin Hill says:

    I totally agree. Mitt Romney just seemed more aggressive. I need the President to speak with more authority on the facts stated above.

  2. Totally agree with all points above. Well informed people would agree with all you said. Romney talked about providing 12 million new jobs, but his solution (lower taxes on corporate America so they will hire more people) is totally flawed and proven wrong. The continuing unemployment rate is, in part, a result of corporations eliminating jobs during the height of the recession and discovering they could pay fewer people to work harder for less money and improve profits by reducing the labor line on the P&L. Those jobs are probably gone forever. That is only one example of Mitt’s dissembling.
    Unfortunately not everyone is that well informed and Obama let him get away with too much (such as the lie about $715 billion taken from Medicare). He needs to be more engaged and call Romney out when he lies.

    How can you trust a man that
    flipped flopped more than a
    a circus clown?

  4. Rita McCullough says:

    If the voters Dem or Rep listen to the debate by these points we also find that Gov Romney sadly kept saying “I will …” and “I have …” but follows it with very general statements. Not infotrmation. Almost passive/aggressive. In saying that, criticism is flowing that President Obama babbled with tired, unignighted vigor. Well who could feel fired up hearing someone puffing up their chest.

    Also, MA has a great education path …. hopefully it stays that way. If Gov Romney fires everyone on Sesame Street and all the other funded shows that educate us, we may see a drop in test scores nationally. That will have a huge impact on the fabric of this great nation. It will possible result in an increase in the number of Americans who The Gov believes don’t vote, work, matter, etc.

    No matter how you feel after the debate….please be sure to vote!

  5. Leon E. Frazier says:

    Excellent points. Romney is like the “empty wagon: makes much noise but isn’t loaded with anything!” I am glad that the President was too wise, and too busy taking care of our business to practice on how to play Romney’s [redefinition of the President game].

  6. Fool’s gold, for sure!

    I was appalled when Romney told the Prez that the bit about the tax credit for off-shoring jobs wasn’t true. I’m sure that Romney’s taken the credit at Bain Capital!

    Obama was too polite. He needs to get angry and push back harder. He has the facts on his side – go for it!

  7. LibertyBelle says:

    Love to see the same critique directed to Obama. We’ve just had 4 years of his plans…..trillion dollar bail out of Wall St, trillion dollar bail out of the auto industry (how’s that working for ya?) and the great white (scratch, black) hope – Medicare. Give me a businessman in the White House any day.
    Sadly, America has got the politics it deserves. Dumbing down in full effect – folks been governed by Nanny State for so long, they’ve forgotten the importance of being free. You can ignore your responsibility America, but you won’t avoid the consequences.

  8. When all else fails, there’s nothing like a well crafted dialogue using body language. What say ye? ~TheMediaLady

  9. Burroughston Broch says:

    The real President Obama was in the debate, and I judged him by his words and deeds, and found him lacking, as did 62+% of the over 70 million other people who watched.