If Conventions Could Win Elections…

There were no empty chairs on stage or in the arena. The convention delegates and attendees came to Charlotte to be fired up and fired up they were. Casual reports from media and television viewers rated the First Lady’s speech as sincere and impactful. Clinton took us to school on the issues and how to keep a crowd enthralled as if you were at a jazz concert rather than listening to a 40-plus minute speech.

One speaker after another, some nearly 130 speakers made the case for reelecting President Obama. Then the President did what he knows how to do – he captured the audience with his honesty, thoughtfulness and authenticity.

He said, “Now, I won’t pretend the path I’m offering is quick or easy. I never have. You didn’t elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth…not every thing is ok but we are headed in the right direction.” He implied that our success is his success, that the people of America are “inextricably tied one to another”.

It is hard to imagine the final day of the convention would be anything but a success after two stupendously inspiring days.

President Obama capped off this wildly successful convention by giving thanks for the hundreds and thousands of Americans who make this country the best in the world even in the “stubbornest” or hardest economic times. He has challenged us to support him this November and I for one, will eagerly accept the call–will you?


  1. HELL NO! and you need to go hear Obama in his voice and words the documentary “2016”
    All you people to ignorant to get passed race need to wake up… DO you want to leave a world for your children
    like they have to live in china???
    You people are so hung up in race you can’t see the forrest for the trees… your freedom is at stake!!!
    If you want to live in a government controlled environment then go to china!!!! THose of us whom are white are angry because you can’t see Obama is using his own people to destroy our country… he no more cares about your black winening give me give me crap, than a man in the moon. You ain’t gettin’ crap! Wake up black america! Years to come you will be at civil war with te mexicans..it’s already in the make… Wake up!!!

    • stacy orth says:

      Racist much? That documentary is nothing more than idiocy and conjecture, there is absolutely no truth to it at all. If you want the country to be broke, then go ahead and vote for Romney. I , for one would never trust someone who has been on both sides of every issue.

    • @Sallie you sound just like the typical WHITE uninformed jerks. It’s YOU PEOPLE, who are hung up on RACE, .IT’S YOU PEOPLE WHO STILL CANNOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THERE IS A PRESIDENT NOT OF THE SAME RACE AS YOU. IF YOU ARE BASING YOU VIEWS & BELIEFS ON THAT “So called Truthful Documentary 2016” you are as stupid as your post sounds.

      Remember Romney doesn’t give a crap about the lower/middle class like you. He’s all for the rich & superrich like him. So you wake up and smell the coffee! !


    • Sallie, you are a moron. I am a white male who lived through the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s and it was ignorant people like you that we had to fight against. President Obama is the best thing to happen to this country since President Kennedy. He not only works for black people, he works for the Latinos, the Gays, Women, American Indians, Seniors, the middle class, the young, etc., etc., etc. Try to know what you are talking about before you go repeating faux news-tainment fear mongering.

    • Sallie’s been drinking the tea again! It’s amazing. Some guy makes up a story, turns it into a movie and those on the right believe it to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. FYI Conjecture is far from the truth!

    • Sallie,, you are seriously IGNORANT,,, you are a RACIST,, the Movie you talk about was made for DUMMIES like you !! You and others like you are the problem,, you have NO idea what you are talking about,, you are typical republican racist, uninformed, redneck retard !! Quit watching FOX NEWS your brain will turn to MUSH!!

    • Your ignorance is only surpased by your vocabulary, where the hell are you? You are still living in the days of slavery and I feel very, very sorry for you, your life is so emtpy that you resort to blame it all on POTUS which is racism. Un-educated people like you are a big majority of the republican party and their base,
      you think it is all about a black man with 2 years in the senate, a human rights activist and the fact they he
      could beat the republican party, take the house, senate and congress as he did in 2008.

      I have a news flash for you Sallie, it WILL happen again and people like you and the republican party, including the freshman tea partiers will just have to accept and respect what most of Americans want.
      If you do nothing else Sallie but sound off the way you have, I suggest you go back to your bottle
      and pickle yourself…people with the mindset like you will never prevail…..

    • SALLIE who are you to be calling people ignorant. You can’t even spell or use correct grammar. Go get educated and then we might listen to your bigoted rant!

    • Leon E. Frazier says:

      This appears to be a “pit the Blacks against the Mexicans message.” No thanks!

  2. Sallie you are not wrong! This president is the most racist person in this country! He works for nobody but himself while trying to enslave all of us to the government. The problem these nitwits on this site have is that they can’t handle the truth in “2016”. They refuse to listen to obama and actually hear his words and how he constantly says what he means and then changes it so that he can try to appease the masses.

    • Susan Richardson says:

      There is NO TRUTH in that movie! You are the ignorant one if you believe that way. And talk about flip-flop? That’s totally MITT!

      • Burroughston Broch says:

        I understand more people have watched this movie than have watched all Michael Moore’s movies in total.
        Does this make you anxious?
        It should.

  3. Gary Kinder says:

    I loved the part at the convention where they showed the “Russian Ships.” I found it ironic since Obama is a socialist. Very moving.