Blogging While Blue from the Democratic Convention

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

By 8:45 last night, section 206 in the Time Warner Cable Arena was nearly full. There was little speculation about why. The political rock star president William Jefferson Clinton was backstage. By 9:15 , security was redirecting traffic to other areas of the arena. And by the time the lights dimmed and the video cued up and we heard Bill Clinton’s voice, the crowd cheered like fans at a hometown college football Bowl game.

For most of the attendees President Clinton is that favorite cousin they look forward to seeing at the family reunion. And boy, were they happy to see him last night.

Whatever impressions you might have of the man there are some traits that are undeniable about him. His comfortable down home delivery invites your attention. One of his strengths is he is a skilled communicator. He is an expert on policy and politics. His is a legacy learned through hard times and merited confidence. He grew up on the lower ring of the economic ladder, he knows what it means to lose an election and try again, his experience as an Arkansas attorney general and governor give him reputable economic policy credentials, his legacy is earned not bestowed.

He knows what “constructive cooperation” is and understands what it means to say I made a mistake. That is character not just charisma. The highlights from President Clinton’s speech were many and we have provided a few of them here.

Day two of the convention has continued to build on the momentum from Michelle Obama’s speech. I like many of you, will be looking forward to President Obama’s presidential address and of course Georgia’s own Congressman John Lewis as tonight’s sergeant at arms and his impassioned comments. That is later tonight but right now, I am off to find a “It takes sum brass to attack a guy for doing what you did” T-shirt.


  1. Look, This is my first anniversary one years as US Citizen and I be Danm voting Rep. Don’t they get it?? be a Politician of that Quality is very moving..Always love Bill.This is time when People need some lifting up.

  2. Burroughston Broch says:

    I listened to President Clinton’s speech and it was a great one – as long as one has a short memory or overlooks inconvenient facts.
    I found his version of “It’s All George Bush’s Fault” especially devious. Let’s remember the last two years of President Bush’s second term. The economy was going to pot and the Congressional Democrats (notable among them then-Senator Obama) decided to make the economy the campaign issue for the 2008 elections. They were correct in doing so. But, they didn’t stop there. Instead, they did everything within their power to drive the economy and the national psyche further into the ditch to enhance their election chances. They bear equal responsibility with the spendthrift Republicans for the mess we have been in for the last 6 years. President Obama has no room to complain because he will reap what he has sowed. And Romney/Ryan will rightly take him to task for his poor performance during the three years and 9 months of his presidency. Don’t forget – when Franklin Roosevelt was President, World War II was over only three years and 6 months after Pearl Harbor was attacked.