Todd Akin—He Is Who We Thought He Was

Some who abhor politics and some who might prefer dictatorship to free speech might think we’ve entered the “silly” season with dueling campaigns, endless political television ads during your favorite program or up-to-the-minute email alerts on the hottest issue.

Todd Akin, the six-term Missouri U.S. Representative’s recent comments on “legitimate rape” confirm that this is indeed the “silly” season. The Republican contender for the U.S. Senate is running against incumbent Claire McCaskill and has managed to top the birthers, he has managed to outdo the voter suppression efforts and even surpassed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s seemingly pride in announcing he pays about 13% in personal taxes when most working people pay twice that rate.

On a Sunday St. Louis television news program, Akin said that in the case of “legitimate rape” a woman could prevent pregnancy and “has ways to shut that whole thing down.”  Forget that there is no scientific basis for the comment, which he says he checked out with some doctors for verification.

Akin has represented his Party and his district for 12 years, this isn’t the first time he has made controversial remarks. A simple Internet search will provide links to his outrageous comments on student loans, healthcare and how liberals hate God. If these seemingly ridiculous comments were taken one-at-a-time the GOP leadership’s positions might be considered conservative ideology or just part of the normal heated national political debate but taken together there is no question that Akin has solidly represented his Party and was supported by his Party in Missouri and in Washington.

In fact, the Republican Party thought that he was worth $10 million to try and unseat the Democratic Senator. In the end, it is neither shocking nor breaking news that Republican Todd Akin is exactly who we thought he was.


  1. Barbara Barrier says:

    It is always amazing to me how unknowing people can hide their ignorance behind the “good old boy” charm. Sooner or later, the stupid side shines through. It’s just a shame it takes so long! I read somewhere that Akin
    was of an older generation who truly believed what he said. That doesn’t make it any less stupid, but it does scare the hell out of me that someone in his position could be that out of touch with reality. Years ago I lived in a town where some people believed that if you were pregnant and you sat in a tub of water to bathe that you would drown the baby, but we didn’t elect them public office. Just amazing!

    • Burroughston Broch says:

      Barbara, I agree. And there are many more. For example, Rep. Akin and Vice President Biden are two peas out of the same pod.

      • The funniest thing I saw on this was he was quoting a study commissioned by none other than the lefts sweet heart, planned parenthood !! Strange all the lefties would not be so so so proud of this

  2. Joe Public says:

    I find no fault in Todd Akin’s recent comments and feel that the ones who are reacting are the true scum of society, full of sexism and racist!!!! What this Country needs is to get rid of all the knee jerk racist people that are manufacturing and blowing out of proportion the honorable comments of Mr. Todd Akin!!!!

  3. I am rather pleased to hear Todd Akin’s comments on America, women, rape, and reproductive rights blithered on the airways with a squeezed-brow urgency of the sincere deluded. It’s an unmasking of a mind-set that represents a frightening undercurrent of ignorance, misogyny, and general bigotry– and usually all in the name of “God.” Is that the same God that cries out for justice, and peace, and tolerance, and “loving your neighbor as yourself?” Is there some special Republican God? I just heard that Democrats are ungodly and that the President of the United States is the anti-Christ! I thought God was the God of new understandings, and peace, and “loving your neighbors”– the God who inspired people of faith heading to Selma and Montgomery to stand up to those who would be content with America representing freedom for “some”– equal rights for “some” but not others. I also didn’t know that I, as a Christian, had to be opposed to science. I thought science was the study of the layers and layers (and mysteries) of an incredible world! I recall that in times past, menstruating women had to stay outside of churches until their time of “unclean-ness” was past. I believe that was in medieval times. But we’ve come SO far since then…. Or? And now someone like Akin with sincere fervor is telling us a woman’s body “shuts all that down” if it’s a “legitimate” rape. And the proponents of “small” government want to probe vaginas, and kill family planning and take over reproductive rights. America is great– the right to free speech extends to idiots and liars. That was certainly the lesson this week watching the circus in Tampa. Maybe the speeches should end with “God protect America!” and include a little humility.

  4. Common Sense says:

    I think that the “controversy” over his comments exposes the “Lame” in both Parties ! “Of course” the Democrats are going to pervert ANYTHING that a Republican says. It seams to me, that the “Modern Day” Democrat Party are nothing more than a “Cult”, willing to say, and do anything that there Cult Leaders instruct them to say ! But the “real” tragedy here is how the Establishment Republicans reacted ? ? ? I saw the video of that statement, and when he stated that “if” it was a case of “legitamate rape”…., I imediatley understood what he was saying ! If the woman ( who was asking for a FREE abortion “because” she was raped” ) was “legitamately raped” ( as in REALLY raped…., and not just telling a LIE and “saying” that she was raped ! ) Then blah blah blah……, He did not for a SECOND mean that ANY form of rape was “legitamate”, as in OK ! For “me” the REAL issue here is, how unbelievabely pathetic SO MANY people “are” in this country !

    • Charles Martin says:

      What he said – that women can “shut down” a pregnancy – is simply untrue, and that anyone who know a damn thing about biology understands that. It shows that he’s an idiot. And apparently so are you.

  5. People like him and them are the main ones legitimately raping folks so why would what come out any of their mouth be surprising… They make and break all the laws take all the sex trips to other countries where its legal to sex children Lil boys and girls then will come right back to US soil knowing good and well they just laid up with minors where they was and make and uphold laws against it… we can’t trust none of them Ungodly morons and I do mean none of them yea right he meant just what he said evil a heart attack a way from death old punitive thinking devil worshippers how is that for politicking with they hiding behind my brothers keepers scary uncle Tom no leading loosers… All y’all need to go to jail for CRUELTY TO CHILDREN THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT CAUSE THATS WHO YOU ARE HURTING BY THE WAY YOURS ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM KARMA!!!! HEY DUMB DUMB..

  6. Common Sense says:

    And as for his coment on “shuting down” a pregnancy, as mentioned by the VERY RUDE, and obviously VERY Left Wing, Liberal/Progressive, Socialist/Democrat “Charlie Martin”, there actually “IS” evidence that a womans body CAN shut down a pregnancy ! I have read several reports on how “stress” in a womans body can “stop” a pregnancy from happening ! And in cases where a woman is trying very hard to “get” pregnant and start a family…., Doctors often have to council the woman on ways to calm down (among other things), and destress her life in order for her biological functions to work properly ! Medical eveidence “supports” this ! So the bottom line here is this = what he said was NOT crazy, or insane, or wildly barbarian ! It was just “Presented” to us that way by “soul-less” Left Wing Political Activists, acting on befalf of their Democrat Party Cult leaders !