Georgia Earns an F

Based on his recent statements about Medicaid, it appears Governor Deal didn’t believe the facts unveiled and confirmed last month by Politifact. Despite his previous stance that he would wait until after the November presidential election before deciding on Medicaid expansion for Georgia, Deal recently said expansion is “something our state cannot afford”. Deal is wrong on two fronts. The governor didn’t keep his word and whether or not our state can afford Medicaid expansion is an opinion, not a fact.

Politifact Georgia pointed out last month that expansion of Medicaid in Georgia would amount to less than 2% of the state’s budget for FY 2014. While healthcare is not the only function of state government, we believe it should be a top priority. You cannot have a successful state and economy without a healthy workforce and citizenry. Allocating an additional 2% of the budget to help ensure this should be a no-brainer not a political football to kick around during election season.

In 2010, 21% or 1.8 million Georgians were uninsured, which is one of the highest rates in the country. Under the proposed expansion of Medicaid, approximately 600,000 more Georgians would have access to healthcare services for routine and regular treatment. With his pronouncement, the Governor has relegated hundreds of thousands of hard working, deserving Georgians to limited access to healthcare. Furthermore, this could jeopardize the fragile financial state of our existing healthcare institutions.

Being a leader isn’t easy or always popular. When history is written on the issues that matter the most for building and sustaining a healthy economy – healthcare, investment in education, and having a clean environment – Georgia leadership will earn an F if they keep making decisions that are not in the interest of all Georgians.


  1. Frank Miller says:

    You keep cutting education. You haven’t done a thing to raise employment rates. And now you’re refusing to expand healthcare to the people already most damaged by your policies. So what the hell are you doing for the state besides making the rich richer?

  2. bloggingwhileblue says:

    We couldn’t agree more that Georgia needs to invest in its people if we are going to have a great state. State House Representative Pat Gardner has a good post about health care reform in Georgia. You can read it here