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12 Atlanta educators named in cheating case going back to work

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Rising sea level puts US Atlantic coast at risk: report

Senators Chambliss and Isakson: Let me introduce you


  1. Dennis thanks for writnig. Funny you should write about vouchers I am working on that now.Career politicians are the ones that are more worried about keeping their job than doing their job. Anytime government money is used, there should be government oversight. Talk to the people that work with the kids they will tell you what works and does not work.I disagree with the wide spread support of vouchers. I do hear it form time-to-time form parents that use home school or private school. Their children have never set foot in the local public school system, but believe it is failing.I have two issues with vouchers.1. The money a parent takes is more than they put it in. If it costs five thousand dollars to educate a child is the parent paying five thousand dollars in school tax?2. If a private school takes voucher money then they should be held accountable to the same testing and standards as public schools. They should also have to accept every student. Neither happens.In Florida, the majority of the top private schools would not accept voucher money. It would have been a reduction in fees. Due to lack of oversight, many voucher schools stole Florida taxpayer money until the program ended in 2006. The voucher schools (including McKay Scholarship) did not require teachers to be certified. As a result, students were receiving an inferior education. Students would return to public school but the funding stayed in the voucher school.I agree that students that impede the education of other students should be separated but where? Pinellas County had alternative schools and they were filled to capacity. Unlike many other countries, education is a right.Teachers that deserve to termination usually are (depending on county leadership). Teachers are not willing to put up with crappy teachers any more than police officers are willing to put up with crappy police officers.I am glad you mentioned the military. The government is in charge of the military. The POTUS sets policy. The Joint Chiefs offer counsel. The Joint Chiefs receive information form the men and women on the ground. Yet, we find it acceptable to make educational policy without advice from teachers and principals. That is silly.