What We’re Reading

This is what we’re reading this week.

Georgia leaders bypass metro Atlanta with their allocation of $99 million in federal foreclosure funds

Carter honored for appointing women, African Americans to the federal bench

Cerebral Palsy Inspirational Run: Matt Woodrum Cheered on by Family and Classmates

Africa Debate: Has South Sudan lived up to its expectations?

Global weight gain more damaging than rising numbersMrs. Pinkett Smith Goes to Washington

Mrs. Pinkett Smith Goes to Washington

US Department of Justice sues Fla over voter purge; state suing feds for database access

After Sweeps, San Jose Stores Property of Homeless




  1. It is sad that when cuts come down those that need it the most are always the ones who get hurt first. I am ftnuorate enough not to be in that situation right now but I was there once and who knows what the future brings. Looking at the way the country is going it seems like those in power forget that the ftnuorate are such by the grace of God and by his grace can they be afflicted. Be it healthcare, social programs or public transportation we must think of those without. How we care for the less ftnuorate shows us how we will eventually be treated!