National Center for Civil and Human Rights Visual History Project Kick Off

This video previews the collection of stories the Center will make available to scholars and the public starting in the fall. Funded by the Ford Foundation, in partnership with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., this collection will document the strength of the human spirit to struggle for justice, peace and dignity in the words of ordinary people.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is not only breaking ground on a facility next week in Atlanta, it is gaining momentum as a convener, collaborator and conduit for connecting people to historical and present day human rights topics.

Hundreds of persons already participate in our quarterly CNN Dialogues, town hall meetings held in partnership with The James Weldon Johnson Institute of Emory University and CNN, featuring global thought leaders discussing human rights issues as they unfold. Thousands participate in performances, speaker events, films and essays in December during the International Human Rights Day celebrations. More than 24 women and girls serving organizations are collaborating through the Center’s Women and Girls’ Initiative and hosting a day long Girls Summit this summer at Agnes Scott College.

As the Center’s construction project begins, it is also growing in its reach and reputation as a reliable source for programming and partnerships.

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Deborah J. Richardson
Executive Vice President
National Center for Civil and Human Rights


  1. Deborah,
    Thanks for sharing these stories most of which I’ve heard before but none of which I want to forget. The courage and insight expressed inform my perspective and work each time they are heard.

  2. I’m with you 100% and the people of the world can look for me to deliver the highest quality of photography,for the new center

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