President Obama Says I Do to Marriage Equality

The news was fast and furious yesterday when during an interview with ABC News and former Atlanta resident Robin Roberts, President Obama publicly voiced his support of marriage equality for same-sex couples.

“I respect the beliefs of others, and the right of religious institutions to act in accordance with their own doctrines. But I believe that in the eyes of the law, all Americans should be treated equally. And where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.”

The City of Atlanta government has a long history of supporting the LGBT community. In 1972 Atlanta mayor Sam Massell appointed a gay man to his Community Relations Commission. In 1982 the city issued an official proclamation for Pride. In 1984, Young inaugurated the first “Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Day”. In 1988, Mayor Maynard Jackson became the first Atlanta mayor to attend Pride. In 1997, Cathy Woolard became the first openly gay person elected in Georgia when she was elected to the Atlanta City Council. In 1997, an Atlanta domestic partnership benefits ordinance was passed for city employees and in 2006 those benefits were extended to include city pensions.

Much has already been made about the political implications or pitfalls of the President’s decision to support marriage equality. But maybe Georgia Congressman John Lewis summarized it best by saying, “Once people begin to see the similarities between themselves and others, instead of focusing on differences, they come to recognize that equality is essentially a matter of human rights and human dignity.”

Congratulations President Obama for doing the right thing, in spite of the political implications, and affirming human dignity.


  1. Joseph Coram says:

    Thank you for marriage equality.

    • Doesn’t it seem that at election time the this fool in the white house comes out and says gay marriage is okay
      wakes, why not 3 years ago, I believe that who you love and who you live with is your business and not the governments, If you vote and believ the guy, take another stupid pill.

      • Why are you so angry Mike? Do you not have gay friends or family members? If so you are not only racist, but bias! This is America people have the right to state their oppion and views of any situation. You all are so eagered to condem a person for anything you think is wrong, but no of us are without since or judgement. The question was ask and he stated his opinion….. if your were smart it’s a state to state issue more so than a Presidential issue who cares when or why he says it,move on to something far more important.

        • kdb your an IDIOT i bet you voted for that moron too didn’t you how’s that change working for you????being gay or lesbian is against all og God’s rules…those are the devil’s rules so therefore you must be a devil worshipper just like anyone who is gay or lesbian … and as far as making that moronic remark to mike open your eyes dumbass this is an election year that’s why that asshole agreed to same sex marriage he’s looking to get thet gay and lesbian vote just like he got the black vote in ’08 and what did he do he screwed the shit out of everyone didn’t matter the coloropen your eyes you fool and engage your brain if you have one and think about what your going to say when you say it oh and by the way learn how to make a sentence and spell the words properly read what YOU WROTE because it’s very hard to make sense of what you said. DON’T BOTHER TO REPLY BECAUSE NOTHING YOU SAY WILL MEAN A THING ESPECIALLY SINCE YOUR FOR SAME SEX MARRIAGE…what a disgrace

          • actually steve, your post had about as many typos as kdb and mike. but that doesn’t really having anything to do with public opinion and our right to express it, which you have definitely done ad nauseum

        • IVIS CROSSIER says:


      • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

        It’s the people themselves who discriminate, don’t you think? He, The President only stated that people are entitled to civil rights. Is that the same as equality? For whatever good that does. It’s the people who discriminate….the equal rights amendment doesn’t seem to serve its’ intention, either. Ask all the people who have been discriminated against for various reasons. You see, some people do not see that all people are created equal. No matter what civil law is passed!

        • Burroughston Broch says:

          No, Beverly, civil rights as not the same as equality. Civil rights is equal treatment under the law. Our government is founded on equality of opportunity – remember “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in addition to “created equal?”

          Under equality of opportunity I have a right to pursue my goals, and it’s up to me whether I fail or succeed.

          Our President and his followers want to expand that to equality of outcome – the Government will ensure that I attain my goals.

          Pure communism is the ultimate equality of outcome – from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

      • I am so amazed how this country or the world for that matter has totally rewritten history. I am so amazed how the government in this country has rewritten the bible. I don’t care who does what, who lives with you, who marries who, etc… but the government has NO RIGHT to get between any of this. He will fight and support marriage between to men and two women, and the same time sell us out to China.

      • Tracy Finch says:

        I have wondered the same thing. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that, right before a major election, President Obama has decided to endorse same-sex marriage, but he wouldn’t do it 3 years ago. The fact is I do believe in human rights and equality, but the reality is that equality is not always possible because, if it were I’d be able to work at Hooters, but we all know that could never happen. Why can’t fat people work at Hooters? Why are there no male waiters working at Hooters? Why can’t two men or two women conceive a child? Equality is not always possible. That said, everyone should be respected no matter what lifestyle they live.

    • Thank you President Omaba for approving Gay Marriage! God Bless You!

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      Too many people have misstated what the President’s statement was. He did not embrace any of the movements. He stated that everyone is entitled to individual civil rights. What one’s intentions are as a result of this, is solely up to the individual. i.e.civil rights as a Native American, or as a person of color etc., what our intentions are from that is determined by the individual. Look out world a priority has been re-set. All people have civil rights. Equal Opportunity???? We know how it began, where is this taking us too. We all know in part what it is like to be discriminated against. There is no law that states everyone has to like anyone. One might have a civil right, but it doesn’t mean you will be treated any better. Just ask most non-whites and whites?

    • Duane Thompson says:

      Marriage is spelled out by law. I have gay friends , do not care for their lifestyle. Why do they have to be married. Benefits ?

    • Tracy Finch says:

      I do believe in human rights, but the fact is nothing is completely equal. If it was, I’d be able to work at Hooters.

  2. I am so glad that he supports Gay Rights and Gay Marriage because we need to be treated equally. Too bad that congress and the house will never let it happen!

    • bloggingwhileblue says:

      Never say never, but I agree it will probably be a state by state issue for the near future.

      – Cabral

    • Wow: at 68 years old I am amazed. thank God my grandmother had died, she didn’t think Irish should marry Italians.

  3. I am straight and Christian ~ I and many others have enjoyed benefits from this government because we were married to the person we love. The government is not religion. It’s citizens should have the same rights. Some of the first American’s arrived in this country fleeing religious persecution in their country of origin. Citizens should have the same civil right to marry the person they love, and the same benefits given to married couples. It is not the governments business to dictate who persons of legal age should or should not marry, or what a couple does in their marriage, or even dictate what marriage is for. I have heard right wingers say marriage is for procreation, then ones past the age to have children, or those who can not have children due to other reasons, would have to be denied marriage wouldn’t they? What about seperation of church and state?
    You are a good man Mr President ~ you too Joe 🙂

    • Kathie ~ THANK YOU .. 🙂
      YOU give me hope that there actually are at least more than a couple of Christians with open minds and hearts. That in itself is very rare from what I read and hear unfortunately. When those who claim to be Christian, judge others’ it really puts a bad light on those of you whom realize it is not our place to judge. I myself have no definitive belief, except I do feel something or someone has much more insight and understanding than we mere mortals have. I thought, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I always believed that a “true Christian” was not to judge others. Yet so many who claim to be of the Christian faith do just that. I have never understood how they cannot see the hypocrisy in just that one aspect of their religion that they go against on a constant basis. For me, I don’t have to go any farther than that to see that the foundation behind what so many people read into the faith is flawed. I must say though, that I was very pleased to read your post, thank you so much! Please see what you can do to convince others of your faith to understand that it is not OUR place to judge. It is our place to help, nurture, understand and care for others. That to me anyway is what being a “true Christian” means, in part anyway. This world would be so much better off if we could just realize we are ALL unique, which is what makes us all so interesting and learn to try and understand and get along, or at least accept each other.

      And President Obama ~ THANK YOU for standing up for what you know in your heart is one way to get people to learn to accept the differences of others. I’m sure it will take time, it’s not going to happen overnight (unfortunately too many people have too much hate and fear of the unknown yet), but I do believe that in time, we will come to really have acceptance and the ability to look beyond the differences. It’s not easy to keep that faith, but without it ~ why do we bother existing? I truly believe that if we can’t ever come to that acceptance, I’m afraid this whole “life experiment, or experience” will be a failure. Peace, Love and Good Will to all .. 🙂

      • I agree with you Pat ~ unfortunately I don’t have any influence on the Christian community as a whole, but fortunately there are some who do not judge others, and who believe as you said, ” It is our place to help, nurture, understand and care for others.”

        • Barbara McCormack says:

          Many who thump the Bible are indeed going against themselves and God by judging others. We are here in flesh as teachers and students vice versa and, to love each other, is at it’s utmost importance. I too was raised to think some things were immoral and wicked, but I’m becoming enlightened in what it is God really requires of us and, it most certainly is not judging others. I think the President has been mulling this for a while now and came to the same conclusion as I, and many others, because we all have our path to travel before we meet our demise. We should live and let live. The Constitution should be applied to all citizens…..just as it states.

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      Also, we ALL know who the JUDGE REALLY IS!

  4. Burroughston Broch says:

    While you are giddy about the President’s revelation, don’t forget that he was forced into making it. If the Vice President hadn’t gone off the reservation again, you would still be wondering, “Will he or won’t he?”

    The President was reading his political tea leaves (just like Mayor Reed still is), trying to decide which way to go and when to do it for maximum political effect. The President has been all over both sides of the issue for years (see today’s AJC).

    It’s not ethics, it’s politics.

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      The President prayed over the issue, and maybe rethought the
      Constitution…”All people are created EQUALLY’………….

      • Oh please! We all know President Bush went as far up to the Pope when he was in between his religious beliefs and what the country wanted done. Who did go to Rev. Wright???? Give me a break.

  5. Stating what the Bible says is not a judgement ; it is a fact. We did not write; we do quote it, for rebuking, edification, and to lift up. Now, if that hit one between the eye, that’s not my intentions. Right is right & wrong is wrong. Maybe I am missing the boat. All I can see, in the name of civil rights, is that prayer was voted out of schools and as a result, among other things, the kids are more disrespectful than ever. We let people change things and it unravels the moral foundation. Some, People are so confused already, about whats right & wrong; the politicians make a law that’s it’s OK to be equal in a certain area, is giving a stamp of approval, that homosexuality, for example, is right & it really is not. I don’t understand, how you can make it equal, when it shouldn’t be, in the 1st place.

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      Humans are still humans. How people decide to handle equal right/civil rights is up to individuals. Training starts in the home. Maybe some were trained to discriminate against one thing or person as a child, and it spilled over into other things…

    • What you believe is what YOU believe. Your belief is not a fact. It is not proof. It is your opinion, nothing more. Unless you have a direct line to God, you don’t KNOW any more than anyone else. You hold beliefs and you are, as an American, free to live by them. I am free to NOT live by your beliefs but fortunately, I am free to live by mine. That really IS what this nation is all about. Be as faithful to your beliefs as you want. Don’t try to impose them on me.

      Throughout history, every side of every human conflict declares God is on his/her/their side. Funny how human beings assign their bad behavior to God. No one is ever willing to accept personal responsibility. I wonder how one God can be on every side of every war, every debate … including when we are busily slaughtering our fellow human beings. Everyone seems so sure they are carrying out God’s plan. Just like YOU are.

      The thing is, He hasn’t chatted with me lately. Far as I know, God keeps his opinions pretty much to himself. So … are YOU our new prophet? Is God speaking directly to YOU? The sin of Pride is so very tempting, isn’t it?

  6. Thank You President Omaba for supporting Gay Marriage! God Bless You!

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      The President did not support Gay Marriage…..He recognized people as a person entitled to civil rights.

  7. well im glad that we finally have a president who realizes that gay and lesbians deserve equal rights and should be able to freely marry whoever they want to,hopefull by the time me and my boyfriend decide to marry ohio will have passed the equal rights laws !!!

  8. I LOVE YOU DAVID LETTERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Darlene says:

    Call it anything you want but sin is sin! I dont personally judge anyone but you will be judged by God on judgement day by what sins you commit and Homosexuals are comitting sin.. Truth is truth. It is un-natural for men to lust after men and woman to lust after woman. Remember Sodom and Gomora? May God have mercy on your soul.

    • BEVERLY A. LEWIS says:

      @Darlene, You are absolutely right. Sin is sin, whatever is deemed as sin i.e.lying, cheating, lusting, using The Lord’s name in vain, not honoring a father and mother, and on and on. Each individual is responsible to the ONE WHO JUDGES, as in the Creator. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar (civil Law) and to God as it belongs to God (spiritual laws)

    • Jesus wasn’t a hater. you should be more like him

  10. Just because Obama approve of Gay marriage doesn’t make it right..God said that Gay is a Sin..Read Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womankind:it is abomination..You will not make it to heaven being Gay nor doing any other sin…I don’t have nothing against Gay people because I have a son who is Gay and I love him the same..But,I pray to God that he will change his ways..I also tells him about the bible as well..

  11. Marriage does is not necessarily a religious rite nor does it require the blessing of any faith … not in the US and not in most other countries. Millions of people marry without benefit of clergy. A judge, a ship’s captain or a notary public can join a couple in marriage, so exactly why is religion the measure or whether marriage, gay or otherwise, is right or wrong? I’ve seen bad marriages and good marriages of straight, gay, and who the hell knows couples … married in synagogues, churches, mosques or judge’s chambers. The quality of the marriage is unrelated to it’s religious affiliation or lack thereof. We have no state religion in this country and I pray we never do. We are all human beings, we have the right be be happy or miserable, married, single, divorced or whatever. We deserve the right to choose our own path in life. Leviticus also proposes stoning an adulteress and killing children who don’t honor their parents. The world has moved on since Leviticus. It’s time to live in the real world.

  12. Lab Lady says:

    Separation of church and state tells me we are not a Theocracy. We are free to hold a marriage ceremony in any or NO church of our choosing. But to be ‘legal’ we must have a marriage licensee. This license, registered with the state, opens the door to many benefits. The only requirements for these benefits is that the couple…. um…are their any requirements? Basically, if you sign the line the benefits are yours. So, why is there such requirements for being opposite genders? Go Obama! Welcome to the right side of history.

    • Totally agree. I wrote a blog that says pretty much the same thing. You don’t need God to get married. A judge, or any other state appointed official will do the job just fine. It’s time we stopped letting the religious fanatics bully us! Keep writing!

  13. I thank God for President Obama, an in-time man who is challenging the status quo to enact/restore human dignity and equality for ALL!