Halftime in America

The silly season of politics has already begun. According to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, he deserves “a lot of credit” for the recent successes of General Motors and Chrysler. What? Is this the same Mitt Romney who in 2008 wrote in the New York Times that if GM and Chrysler get the taxpayer bailout they want “you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye”?

We are used to political candidates and their campaigns saying anything to get elected, but this is a stretch by any standard.

As a political media junkie, this fib told by Romney reminded me of the Chrysler commercial aired during the Super Bowl called “Halftime in America”. You can watch it below. Officially, this is a commercial from the car company, but I think it is one of the greatest political commercials of our time.


One more thing, General Motors posted record profits last year. Thanks to President Obama and a host of other people not named Mitt Romney.


  1. I have been thinking a lot lately about how our economy has fallen so badly,well this did not just happen over night it took many years and a few presidents but the worst thing is the presidents changed but our congress and senate did not.But yet all the blame has been laid at Obama,s feet i find this so odd and so almost prejudicial I often wonder why we have a president he does not really get a say if congress and the senate do not like what he brings to the table they reject it and that is with any president.I think the congress and the senate have way to much power and i think the should have less the also should have term limits just like the president does 2 four your terms thats if you get re elected if you do not well that means you did not do your job and if you do well yahoo.But when your term is up you should not get any more pay you should collect what your social security has for you or your 401 k has but not the pay you made while in office.congress and senate spend to much money on their pet projects and then you gambled my social security away you need to put back what you took it was not yours to use it was mine and a billion other peoples so shame on you all

  2. Bill Pool says:

    GM has not paid the goverment back all the money it owes yet.I can’t belive a democrat bragging about a big company making evil profits which by the way are tax free for 5 years. Of all the car companies in the US only Chrysler and GM needed bailouts. Every body that knows any thing about business knew that what Obama did with GM he was going to have put them in bankruptcy to make it legal. GM is consistantly rated at the bottom in Consumer Reports Magazine so the problems aren’t fixed yet.

    • Carvin Moorer says:

      What in the hell are you talking about Bill Pool? Exactly what planet are you from or on? If it had not been for the President doing his job for this country over a MILLION jobs would’ve been lost. Your man Mitt the mormon Romney said let them go. Only a fool would try to justify insanity by saying what you just did. I am beginning to believe what I’ve been told….Republicans are DUMB and out of touch with this country and the world. GOT DAMN!!!

      • Burroughston Broch says:

        If you will check the public utterances of GM and Chrysler, you will find that they have drastically reduced US employment while expanding production capacity overseas (particularly PR China). I don’t like my taxes being used to create jobs outside this country.
        I am doing a project for GM in the US and their glasshouse attitude hasn’t changed, except for a new conviction that they cannot fail, no matter what they do, because the taxpayers will always bail them out.
        And I remind you that Chrysler is now 58.5% owned (and thus controlled) by Fiat. And that we the taxpayers lose money on every government-held share of GM that is sold on the open market.
        The taxpayers would have been better of if GM and Chrysler had failed, taking the United Auto Workers with them. But then, the President needs the UAW to help him get re-elected.