Maynard Jackson-Setting the Record Straight (Marva Brooks)

Maynard Jackson was the first mayor under the new city charter, which moved from an alderman system to a “strong mayor” form of governing. Some of the challenges he faced included developing the city code and policies for the city’s procurement and personnel procedures that had long been steeped in cronyism and patronage. Attorney Marva Brooks and Maynard Jackson worked to institute transparency and open government during a time when it was unheard of and rarely practiced. Here Marva Brooks briefly describes those early days.



  1. Burroughston Broch says:

    Taking Ms. Brooks at her word that she and Maynard Jackson instituted transparency and openness in City purchasing, those benefits have been lost in the ensuing three decades. The continuing scandals in airport purchasing and contracts are the tip of the iceberg.
    I couldn’t help chuckle when she said that purchasing was an old white boy’s club when she arrived, because the only thing that has changed is that it is an old black boy’s club now.

  2. Rosalind Rubens Newell says:

    It was wonderful to hear Marva relate how Maynard Jackson made significant policy changes to create a new level of professionalism for the City of Atlanta under a strong-Mayor form of government. It must be noted that Marva Jones Brooks is a nationally-recognized municipal law maven. She taught quite a few of us how to be excellent lawyers in public service, with the highest degree of personal and professional integrity.