In Case You Haven’t Heard—Georgia House Democrats Have An Agenda Too

In previous blog posts, we at Blogging While Blue (BWB) have said that the Democrats in the Georgia General Assembly will have a difficult if not impossible task of passing any progressive legislation this year. What we didn’t mention is that it will be twice as difficult for Democrats to get meaningful media coverage for the 2012 legislative agenda. We have been asking legislators about their current agenda because we didn’t see much media coverage on progressive Democratic concerns. It seems the value of debating the issues or the “power of a good idea” is lost in the present political environment unless the proponent has the power of legislative majority.

The House Democratic 2012 Legislative Agenda was announced with little fanfare but we think it is important to make the information available to readers. One of the highlights of the agenda is that every Monday and Thursday, Georgia House Democrats are inviting citizens to join them in discussing the issues and providing the legislators with their feedback on any legislation. The legislators will also offer training to constituents on how to advocate for the legislation that addresses their concerns and issues.

So far this year, the HOPE Scholarship proposals have garnered a good deal of media attention around the state. With last year’s extensive overall of the program that media attention is definitely warranted. For those who think we are complaining about the media, we aren’t. We recognize the media gurus have to make business choices about which issues to cover. BUT the public has a reasonable expectation that mainstream media will provide relevant coverage of the issues without regard to party affiliation. Even if that news may come from the minority party. So we are including a link here of the House Democratic 2012 Legislative Agenda as well as a video of the legislative agenda announcement.

We encourage our readers to contact their legislators personally to stay informed of the issues and to ensure that their voices are heard.



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