Iowa Results are a Reminder of President Obama’s Successful Race

Four years ago candidate, now President, Barack Obama stunned the political pundits by winning in Iowa. Those of us who have observed politics for decades were surprised by his ground game and his success. Some folks, including me, got off the fence to endorse his candidacy in the following weeks. I was moved by his vision for America, his ability to organize and execute a winning campaign under unlikely circumstances, his boldness to challenge the traditional Democratic operatives with a sophisticated ground game. He came across as Intelligent, innovative and independent. Some pundits predicted the Obama for President campaign couldn’t maintain the discipline or that his successful outcome in the Iowa caucuses was a fluke. Some thought Obama was lucky in politics and luck wouldn’t be enough to get him elected to the presidency. Well that is well known history now. Barack Obama’s road to the White House plays out yet again, this time on the Republican side.

The fact that Mitt Romney only managed to squeak by Rick Santorum with eight caucus votes when challenged with a ground campaign by a largely unknown Pennsylvania Senator doesn’t bode well for his success as a candidate against President Obama. I am not one to discount the political importance of either the Iowa caucuses or New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries because of their small populations. The road to the Republican National Convention in August will have to travel through a lot more states before their candidate is selected. And the Tea Party has already stated their intent to influence the selection of the Republican candidate or else. I am not sure what that means but I have lived long enough to remember Ross Perot, John Anderson, Ralph Nader on the ballot for the general election because voters wanted a third option.

On the Georgia front a recent poll suggests that Georgia will be red in November except for a few counties in metro Atlanta in spite of the President’s strength in other parts of the country.


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