City of Atlanta Wins in Federal Court

Recently, a federal judge granted the City of Atlanta’s Motion for Summary Judgment in a lawsuit filed against the City by the Metropolitan Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. The court dismissed the lawsuit, which, among other things, claimed that the City and members of the business community had conspired to shut down the Task Force’s shelter for homeless men in violation of the Constitution and other laws, and sought substantial damages from the City. The court also ordered the Task Force to pay the City approximately $147,000 in past due water bills.
Although there are still far too many in Atlanta and in the world, for that matter, who are homeless, the lawsuit seemed to minimize the important efforts of so many other organizations in this community who are committed to eliminating chronic homelessness. Dozens of other metro Atlanta non-profit and faith-based organizations have worked tirelessly to address the debilitating challenges that homeless men, women and children face by implementing the nationally recognized shelter plus services model that has been so widely adopted in recent years.
Professionals and volunteers alike have offered much needed assistance to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness that has encouraged them to obtain the services and skills necessary to improve their situation. As a result of this targeted community support, many of the homeless have transitioned to stable and independent lives.