The Current Crisis in Logic

By Mike Luckovich/AJC

This opinion is from Blogging While Blue Contributor Tom Cullen  
The illogicals. Among the things I find most fascinating about politics are principles that don’t make sense, but which are indisputable, a priori.
Case in point: no president can be re-elected with unemployment over seven percent. It doesn’t matter whether the President is to blame or not.  Thus, a betting person making odds on the next election would predict that the tea party will be decimated (they all voted for the Ryan budget which destroys Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare). At the same time, President Obama will be defeated by a vastly inferior Republican candidate because unemployment will almost certainly be over seven percent this time next year. Honestly, though, if I were his chief advisor, I’m not sure I could tell him what to do that he hasn’t done. The stimulus should have been bigger and focused more on wage earners. But I think the stimulus was as large as he could make it in the face of his opposition.
How should he deal with a group of Republican leaders whose sole concern is not the welfare of the American people, but to defeat Barack Obama? Not traitors in a legal sense, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are traitors in a moral sense. The infusion of corporate cash, like the the Koch millions, into today’s politics has had a predictable effect. Republicans don’t honestly believe the economic rubbish they promote. The idea that you can create jobs by giving billions more to people who are already rolling in dough (and aren’t hiring)   is absurd. It’s never happened. Not in a weak economy.  This is a dogma that serves to test one’s loyalty to the cult. You must pretend it’s true even though you know better if you want to be loyal to the cult. It probably won’t save the Tea Party. I doubt if McConnell and Boehner will miss them anyway.
I would hate to see the President turned out of office, though. Not for his sake. They say the best job in the world is to be an ex-president. The policies and programs he advanced, though, like healthcare reform, are absolutely vital to our future.


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