Lessons in Sex and Power from New York Congressman Anthony Weiner

The headlines, opinion pages and blogs have been filled with commentaries on New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s online discretions. It only takes a topic like this to regenerate the discussion in barbershops and hair salons where women and men talk about their differences all the time. Sometimes these comments grow out of frustration and other times out of affection. The Weiner scandal has caused many of us to examine our different approaches to leadership, crisis, and power among the sexes. Maybe there is room for greater understanding of this issue since usually the more we explore a topic the better equipped we are to understand it. The New York Times ran a commentary “When it Comes to Scandal, Girls Won’t Be Boys” by Sheryl Gay Stolberg that jumpstarts yet another conversation on men and women and the influence sex has on power. We have included the link because it is well worth the read.


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