President Obama makes "one of the gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory."

As the days pass, the analysis and examination of the facts and circumstances of the United States actions that killed Osama bin Laden will dominate the news. Most will try to put this covert military action into a historical context to understand the successful mission’s impact on US foreign affairs and national politics. So far, most news accounts credit the military and intelligence………and the President for his leadership.
Though President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have made clear statements congratulating the President and the military and intelligence forces, some conservative leaders are hoping for another shoe to drop, a mishap and another set of facts that they can use to discredit the President’s leadership. Challenging the healthcare policy, the federal budget and the President’s leadership on a variety of issues is one thing. It is quite another when the President is fully engaged and as Commander in Chief weighs the options and takes action that though risky creates the desired result. Hundreds of Americans, those who voted for him, who support his administrations and those who don’t are not likely to be fooled by the rhetoric this time… Osama is dead and there were no US military causalities—that is an undisputed fact.


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