Definitely Indignation

The fact that I am about to draw attention to the promotion of Andrew Breitbart’s book, Righteous Indignation—–well—-evokes righteous indignation in me. As if there was not enough hoopla about the recent spat between him and Glenn Beck over the Shirley Sherrod persecution in which Brietbart asserts that Beck “threw him under the bus”. Now Beck has nose-dived into the cesspool again with a remark about liberals seeing their infighting as “girl-on-girl porn”.  There are so many sorted psychological conclusions we could draw from his sexual analogy but do we really need to?
As Democrat and Republican candidates are forming campaign and re-election campaigns, it is rather surprising that the Righteous Right is spending so much time selling books and pointing fingers about old news. Is this part of the 2012 campaign strategy? Political pundits and reporters are discussing it, talk shows are broadcasting interviews and streaming them online, and he is on a book tour. Maybe this is part of his mobilization strategy.

Blogging While Blue felt that our readers could draw their own conclusions from the news links below that highlight, the rift and the latest remarks. Why is it relevant on this blog? Because I think it highlights the irony of journalism. The coverage that sparked the Shirley Sherrod debacle was grounded in the “righteous indignation” of the media to disregard fundamental journalism principles of reporting in order to be first. And the blogger who posted the video is now selling books by criticizing the very same media who ran with his story in the first place. Whether you call it enterprising or irony, it is definitely indignation.
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Beverly L. Isom
Blogging While Blue