Voters Approve of School Board Takeover

A majority of voters support giving mayors or county commissions the ability to takeover dysfunctional school systems so says, a recent 20/20 Insight survey of metropolitan Atlanta voters.
The survey of 595 metropolitan Atlanta voters commission by Blogging While Blue about various issues reveals that 54% of voters support school takeovers while only 30% oppose them.
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, as a way to address the school board governance problems on the Atlanta Board of Education, has recently floated the school system takeover idea. Mayor Reed has said he will ask the State legislature to grant him temporary authority to appoint school board members to the board.
Voters in Fulton County, which includes many city of Atlanta Board of Education voters, overwhelmingly support the takeover idea by more than a two to one margin. Specifically, 60% of the voters support school takeovers while only 25% oppose them. Further more, Fulton County voters who say they are willing to support a sales tax dedicated to education are even more supportive of the idea. These voters support school takeovers by almost a four to one margin, which clearly indicates the importance of education in their voting preferences. Even a majority of Fulton County voters who are opposed to an education sales tax support school takeovers by a nearly two to one margin.
This poll shows how much education motivates Atlanta voters. School board governance problems are similar to city council or county commission problems, but rarely do you see voters willing to impeach or remove those leaders from power. With such strong public support, local school boards need to beware that elected officials listen to their constituents and education is one of the few issues that people from all walks of life agree is important beyond partisan ideology. In almost every single demographic in this poll – Black, White, urban, suburban, old, young, Republican, Democrat, liberal, moderate – a majority of voters support school takeovers by mayors or county commissions when the local board becomes dysfunctional.

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