Millions Cut and No End in Sight

During these times of stress and crisis, Georgia needs leadership that can see beyond the next election. Leadership that understands the fundamentals of building a strong economy.  Leadership that acts on behalf of those who are most in need. Georgia is experiencing record-high unemployment waiting for the economy to turn around, while the funding cuts keep coming. We need investment in the state’s recovery, yet our Republican Congressional Representatives joined with their Republican colleagues to slash federal funding that reduces millions in federal grants for education and community development negatively impacting Georgians.

When proposing education cuts the Governor and Georgia legislators told us that federal Pell grants and education funding could make up the difference for needy students. Yet with passage of H.R.1 House Republicans cut  grants for Georgians by millions, for example Pell grants by $196 million and Head Start by $27 million. The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute report tells the story of the budget cuts and the negative impact on Georgians.

Political rhetoric is one thing. Acting in a manner that makes matters worse—is an entirely different matter. Cuts to education hurt the economy. Four billion dollars and four years later Georgia students and the state suffer with no end in sight.

See the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute document


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