Déjà Vu

Here we go again. Critics are challenging the successes of District of Columbia public school students on standardized tests. From the AP:

A newspaper investigation published Monday questions whether dramatic gains at some D.C. Public Schools, held up as a model for national school reform, were driven by cheating on standardized tests.

Documents obtained by USA Today show some high-scoring schools touted by former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee had extraordinarily high numbers of erasures correcting wrong answers. In the story, experts said such erasure rates are so statistically rare that they should have triggered an investigation.

This is déjà vu for those of us in Atlanta, who have been keeping up with news stories on the Atlanta Public School system. Join Blogging While Blue in calling for a deliberate and reasoned approach to investigating the problems but remembering to focus our collective energies and considerable resources in supporting our local schools and the teachers. By most measures American students lag behind their overseas counterparts in K through 12 academic achievements they need our support now more than ever.


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